After surgery care is often as important a factor as the surgeon, or the surgery itself, and can make a big difference to the final result. Mr Eccles believes that your postoperative surgical care begins with your consultation before surgery.

Following your consultation you will receive a full explanation of any proposed treatment, including the expected outcome and the possible complications. Information sheets may also be given to reinforce your discussion with Mr Eccles so that you fully understand what is being planned and can ask as many questions as necessary for you. You will usually be offered a second pre-operative consultation free of charge to allow you to think about any proposed treatment. This ensures that there is plenty of time before surgery to address any questions about the procedure and recovery, and allows for the proper support systems to be put into place for an uncomplicated post-surgery recovery.

Minor Surgery

Following minor surgery at The Consulting Suite, written instructions will be provided together with contact details in the event of a problem.

Major Surgery

Following more major surgery in a private hospital, it is sensible, where possible, to ensure that a family member or friend is available to look after you in the first few days following discharge. Follow up appointments will be arranged by Mr Eccles’s team. An appointment with Mr Eccles and his practice plastic surgery nurses for dressing changes will usually be made a few days following the operation. Specific instructions about bathing, compression garments, physical activity, returning to work, and driving will be explained before you are discharged from hospital. These instructions will depend on the nature of the surgery and your general health. You may also be given some discharge medications including painkilling tablets which you should take as instructed, even if the pain is not too bad. You may also require postoperative antibiotics.


Once you have recovered from your surgery you may still require longer-term regular follow up or be discharged back into your GP’s care. Unless there are special circumstances Mr Eccles will write to your GP summarising the treatment that you have received.