Hind Streamer MAMS, CMC

Hind Streamer and Simon Eccles have been working together for just over a year.

Hind thoroughly enjoys meeting patients and helping them as best as she can and she continues to increase the range of her medical practice knowledge.

Hind is a member of the Association of Medical Secretaries and Practice Managers (AMSPAR) and a Certified Medical Coder.

She has been involved in the Medical Profession for over 25 years, working in Embassy Medical Offices, Harley Street, San Diego California and the Royal Marsden Hospital. She speaks Arabic fluently, and is happy to act as a translator during your consultation if required.


Clinic News

Clinic News – Jan 2017
Mr Eccles has been using Kerecis a product developed from Cod Skin in
Clinic News – Dec 2017
Mr Eccles has been elected as the Honorary secretary for BAPRAS (The B