Mr Eccles is also fully trained in paediatric plastic surgery. He carries out a range of plastic surgical procedures for children including:

    1. Removal of skin lesions
    2. Pinnaplasty
    3. Scar revisions
    4. Treat of vascular lesions

Many children are happy for these to be carried out under local anaesthetic, and often this can be on the same day as the consultation. Local anaesthetic procedures are carried out in the paediatric daycase unit of the Portland Hospital, which is across the road from The Consulting Suite at 212-214 Great Portland Street. If this is not appropriate, Mr Eccles operates at the Portland,Cromwell and Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals, all of which have excellent pediatric surgical facilities.

Baby Ear Moulding

Prominent ears, or unusually shaped ears, may be noticed by parents in their newborn babies. During the first few weeks of life, the ear cartilage is very soft and delicate, and it is often possible to use moulding techniques to generate or modify the folds in the ear cartilage, and so correct the prominence or abnormal shape of the ears. Ear moulding may prevent the need for surgical correction when older. The technique involves the use of simple soft  wire and sticky tapes, called and ‘Ear Buddy’. This kit can be obtained from Mr Eccles, and he will instruct you how to use it. It is not painful for the baby. Usually the moulding is performed over a period of a few weeks. Often moulding is very successful, and is more likely to be so when started shortly after birth. In some babies only a little or no improvement is achieved. Often less improvement is seen when the treatment is started after the baby’s first week, although there is little harm in trying.






In addition he sees and treats patients with complex plastic surgery and craniofacial reconstructive needs.